Teaching about the Holy Spirit

Teaching about the Holy Spirit is quite possibly one of the most disregarded subjects of Christianity.  For many it is dismissed as a “thing” or it because of a lack of understanding.  Some shy away from it because of some church cultures attaching a charismatic emotion solely to the Holy Spirit.  Whatever the issue is for someone dismissing the Holy Spirit, the importance of having … Continue reading Teaching about the Holy Spirit

The Preacher and the Preaching.

Preaching is the leading way that the Lord has chosen for the Gospel of Jesus to be spread.  Even though to the world preaching such things, as the cross, are foolish, the people of God know otherwise.  It is through faithful preaching of the Gospel message that individuals are saved.  The necessity of preaching has always been important and will always be important till the … Continue reading The Preacher and the Preaching.

We are going to live somewhere.

I have never really been into running but have been wanting to take up hiking. For me it’s probably because it offers sanctuary from society and that is good to have sometimes. Three things are beyond my comprehension over the events this week. First, even though at this point it doesn’t matter, is that I don’t know what attracts people to a marathon but I’m … Continue reading We are going to live somewhere.

Expanding My Horizons There has been a lot of things going on in my life, namely changes in graduate school.  A lot of it was unexpected but God has opened up opportunities for Abbie, Josie and myself.  What could of been some crazy and unexpected turns ended up being for the best.  Since those things have happened there has been an increased desire for me … Continue reading