A Burden for Change

Change is a necessity but rarely is it readily accepted.  Innovation, flexibility, and growth all require changes to take place at personal and organizational levels.  How does this happen?   Specifically, how does this happen in churches?  Might I suggest this pathway: 1) a burden, 2) faith, 3) strategy and implementation, and 4) endurance. Nehemiah and Ezra are two post-exilic texts that focus on the … Continue reading A Burden for Change

Cardinal Principles of the Christian Baptist

A couple of weeks ago, I posted A pre-history of the Christian Baptists.  The focus was on the surrounding preceding church culture and events that helped form our foundation.  That is still an area of interest and further research.  Many others were also very interested and is provoking some further research on my part. The Christian Baptist (officially known as the Ohio Valley Association of Christian … Continue reading Cardinal Principles of the Christian Baptist

Fishing Family

We just came back from vacation from Myrtle Beach.  We celebrated Father’s day during our time away, and it gave me some opportunities to fish.  I grew up fishing, and it was a powerful connection that I shared with my dad and both of my grandfathers.  During those outings, I learned many lessons about life and what it was to be Christian and a man … Continue reading Fishing Family

A pre-history of the Christian Baptists

The following is a pre-history of the formation of the Ohio Valley Association of Christian Baptist Churches of God, which I am ordained through.  If you would like to know more about us you can find the link here.  This blog examines the surrounding context of our formation and a backdrop for why. Baptist Tradition in America Rising from the North American revival called the … Continue reading A pre-history of the Christian Baptists

Three Church Government Structures

We just went through our annual business meeting last week.  Many people cannot stand meetings. I do not hate meetings. In fact, I enjoy meetings (when they are productive and result in action).  If the church you attend provides a way to be involved in these meetings, it is a splendid idea to do so. During our business meeting, I introduced a term into saying … Continue reading Three Church Government Structures