Pursuing excellence

How many times have we done something to the best of our ability and when finished, had the feeling of great accomplishment?  But, then we move in mediocrity in other pursuits, behaviors, and actions.  This pattern of doing things is the opposite of excellence.  Instead, excellence should be nuanced by consistency.  We could also look at the this as whole-life stewardship.  There are a few … Continue reading Pursuing excellence

Revival Hope

A famous passage of Scripture is Psalm 85:6, “Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy may rejoice in thee.”  Historically speaking, the psalmist is speaking of the restoration of Israel from some calamity.  Whether this is from captivity in exile or other troubled times in the nation’s history, one thing is for sure; the people need revival (חיה,ḥā·yā(h), Hebrew), restoration, recovery, or a return … Continue reading Revival Hope