Hope in the Judgment

Who can stand against the Judgment of God?  No one.  The nations of Israel and Judah learned this the hard way.  The northern kingdom, Israel, had 19 kings who were all fundamentally evil and turned the country farther and farther from God.  One of them, King Ahab, was perhaps the worst Israelite King of all and the one that Elisha and Elijah prophesied against.  In … Continue reading Hope in the Judgment

Not Even Shaken

All of Psalm 125 focuses on the believer’s protection that comes from the Lord.  Those that trust in the Lord will be rewarded with rest and peace.  Those who do not trust in the Lord will not find the rest and peace that their souls long after.  An interesting phrase from Psalm 125:1 states believers will be as Mount Zion.  It goes on to say that Zion … Continue reading Not Even Shaken

Psalm 100

Without equal, God is good to us.  Against the backdrop of pain and strife, God’s goodness shines out.  Hearts filled with ungratefulness would be filled with gratitude in only a few moments if we focused our energy on contemplating the mercies and blessings of God on us.  We would serve the Lord with gladness and thankfulness.  We ought to serve the Lord with joy in … Continue reading Psalm 100

Spiritual Gifts and Love

In our world, love has been so romanticized that we do not recognize the power of it in the biblical testimony.  Such scriptures as Paul’s chapter on love has been secularized with the world’s understanding and is seen on greeting cards and even recited by individuals at weddings.  Pauls love chapter to the Corinthians though is very similar to that of John’s letters on the … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts and Love