Half of My Life: Seven Insights

I accepted the call to the ministry when I was 16 years old.  At 15, I entered started home school and was amazed by the Bible teaching that I received.  An impression was made on my life.  Ministry was more than sharing simple stories but was full of timeless truths that needed to be shared.  In the span of a year, I wrestled with my … Continue reading Half of My Life: Seven Insights


Unity is a precious commodity.  Israel struggled to keep it.  Eventually, unity was lost, and Israel became a divided kingdom under its fourth king (third in the Davidic dynasty).  King David’s grandson, Rehoboam split the nation in 930 B.C. through a miscalculated power play.  Ten of the founding tribes made Jeroboam their king to the north with Samaria as their capital.  The last two tribes … Continue reading Unity

The Design of the Church

God left much of the organization of the Church up to the Apostles and the early Church.  Scripture will show us about the particular characteristics and life qualifications for pastors, elders and other servant leaders of the church.  While the organization of a congregation was given to each local gathering, we do find in Scripture the design or purpose of God’s Church. Matthew 16:18 And … Continue reading The Design of the Church

Encouragements for pastors

Pastoring is not a light task or easy role.  It can bring a person to the highest of highs and lowest of lows.  Being a pastor requires a God-given calling.  Paul told Timothy, “This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of bishop, he desireth a good work” (1 Timothy 3:1).  The following provides a few key insights for navigating the pastorate. … Continue reading Encouragements for pastors

Important things to keep in mind this year.

We need to reflect and remember God’s truth in light of a new year.  The following is the outline for the first Sunday morning sermon of 2017.  The title of the sermon was “Doctrine for a new year.”  You can hear the sermon at our church website (click here). The Triune God invites you into His web of relationships. 1:26, “And God said, Let us … Continue reading Important things to keep in mind this year.

Help for small Church pastors to start 2017.

If you have not already done these three things,  pray, seek God’s will, and start moving forward. Ask God for direction Scripture is clear that planning and preparation without humility before God are sinful.  James 4:13-17 is one such Scripture that gives us this position.  Paul reminds us that all work is fruitful only because of God’s blessing (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:7).  Again, James gives … Continue reading Help for small Church pastors to start 2017.