Three Reflections on the Old Testament Tabernacle

We recently had the opportunity to co-host a course on the Old Testament Tabernacle in Ashland, Kentucky.  A long-time family friend facilitated the sessions and shared many fantastic points about the Old Testament Tabernacle.  After I few days of reflection, I want to offer three observations from this course.     The Old Testament and all that it contains is necessary for a full understanding of … Continue reading Three Reflections on the Old Testament Tabernacle

The Pastor 

Filling the office of the pastor takes a genuine calling from God.  The prophets, judges, and teachings foreshadow it in the Old Testament, and the New Testament defines it.  Church history has validated it, and culture has tested it.  Now, the office of pastor is losing its influence through misunderstandings, a lack of clear purpose, and because of those who have left it with a … Continue reading The Pastor 

Preaching in the New Testament

John the Baptist was the last Old Testament preacher (Luke 16:16), and Jesus became the first New Testament preacher.  In fact, for preaching, John Stott (1982) wrote, “The only place to begin is with Jesus himself” (p. 16).  Jesus, the quintessential person, finds Himself in the preacher’s shoes according to scripture.  In relating God’s Word to us, it was all part of God’s plan (Heb. 1:1-2).  Christ taught that … Continue reading Preaching in the New Testament

Preaching in the Old Testament

Preaching the Word begins with God.  The first chapter of Genesis is filled with God’s creative power through His Words.  Peter Adams wrote, “The basis for any true human speaking for God is that God is a speaking God…and it is clear that the God of the Bible is a God who speaks” (Adams, 1996, p. 15).  What God has spoken was written down.  Thus the … Continue reading Preaching in the Old Testament

Scripture for the Great Commission

A few years ago, I handed out a survey to individuals in our local church, and one of the focal areas was evangelism.  The very last question in the survey asked, “How familiar are you with the great commission (with a rating of 1 being “what is the great commission” and 10 being “very familiar”).  The average was very high, but I do remember one … Continue reading Scripture for the Great Commission

But continue thou…

Trials, temptations, and even hidden or open persecution is a very real part of our fallen world. Still, we have great hope in Jesus Christ. When Paul thought that he was about to die, he told Timothy that the ministry could continue on in the ministry because of the truths found in God’s Word. This would require Timothy to remain faithful to God’s Holy Scripture. … Continue reading But continue thou…