Small Church Health Consulting

The small church contains many strengths that will be capitalized on, while we work together to develop plans that are realistic and suitable for the church with its present staffing, building, and congregational makeup.

Jeremy will present an in-depth document of his analysis and suggestions & will work with you to develop a workable 5-Year Growth Plan for the Small Church.


  • 1 – 2-year Implementation Assistance
  • 3-5 on-site visits for seminars and developmental discussions.
  • In-depth Interviews with Pastors and Staff, Key Lay Leaders
  • Employing (among other data-gathering instruments):

    • Leadership Questionnaires
    • Congregational Questionnaires
    • Demographics

Analysis of:

  • 10 Marks of a Healthy Church
  • 6 Growth Inhibitors in a Small Church
  • Why do some small churches live on and others die
  • Conflict management in the small church
  • Facing the grim reality of Church death?
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Growth potential in your community or city
  • Programs that will work in the small church.

A 5-Year Growth Strategy, that will:

  • Correct problems,
  • Increase your base of support,
  • Include yearly actions steps and goals
  • Breaking relative attendance plateaus
  • Employ growth projections tailored to:

    • Your size,
    • Your staff,
    • Your community.
  • Build upon the strengths of  the small church