Jeremy Kamer Ministries

Practical Church Ministry

Revivals, conferences, classes, personal coaching and training, are just some of the many ways this is provided. Help with ministries like video and audio also available.

In-Depth and Academic Rigor

Providing resources for leaders who never want to stop learning. In-depth content based on a background of academic rigor.

Family Focused

Prioritizing family is essential in ministry. Jeremy’s family is involved in every aspect of the ministry. From decision-making to hands-on participation.

Recent Blogs

The Breath of Jesus

Many people today are looking for a fresh new start in their life. People will make new years resolutions, buy self-help books, take up a new hobby, and look to countless methods of bringing a newness and purpose into their existence. The sad truth is that many will quit and all will still be searchingContinue reading “The Breath of Jesus”

Remember His Teachings

As inexperienced travelers into an unchartered and hazardous territory, it is a necessity to have somebody with us that knows what he or she are doing.  Jesus knew that the disciples would be heading into the future without His physically abiding presence and that they would need continued guidance.  The Holy Spirit was ready toContinue reading “Remember His Teachings”