Jeremy Kamer Ministries

Practical Church Ministry

Revivals, conferences, classes, personal coaching and training, are just some of the many ways this is provided. Help with ministries like video and audio also available.

In-Depth and Academic Rigor

Providing resources for leaders who never want to stop learning. In-depth content based on a background of academic rigor.

Family Focused

Prioritizing family is essential in ministry. Jeremy’s family is involved in every aspect of the ministry. From decision-making to hands-on participation.

Recent Blogs

Renew Your Love

We have reason for hope for our churches and believers. Revelation chapters records Jesus’ message to the seven churches. These churches had seen persecution from outside of their groups and false teachers come to attack them from within. Many of these congregations were once vibrant in their relationship but had major issues appear. ​Two ofContinue reading “Renew Your Love”

First Music Video

I just finished creating my first music video for some friends of mine. I have been working on creating a side-business for video production. You can check out some of the areas I want to focus on by clicking here.