Hi, I’m Jeremy. I am a pastor, professor, father and husband. I love my family very much and love to share about Jesus.

Preaching Revivals, Camp Meetings, or Single-Services

Jeremy has been preaching since he was sixteen. Almost twenty years later, he continues to share the message of holiness. Jeremy has preached in hundreds of churches and camps. He would love to come and share the Gospel with you congregation for a single service or multiple during the week. Ministry through music is also available. However, he is committed to the regular services of the church he pastors. If you are interested in a Sunday service, please give several months in advance notice.

Church Training and Bible Classes

We train our friends and our partners to be on the very “cutting edge” of what God is doing, so the world can recognize the hand of God at work through His Body here on the earth. Bible, theology, and ministry courses available on a wide-range of subjects. On-site and virtual platforms available for single meetings or multiple class meetings.

  • Old or New Testament Survey
  • The Pentateuch
  • The Psalms
  • Individual Bible Books
  • Church History
  • Theology 101
  • Pseudo-Christian Cults
  • Church Leadership & Ministry
  • Board Enhancement
  • Worship
  • Church Audio and Video
  • Graphic Design
  • and others tailor made for your need.

Pastor Coaching

Providing objective, honest, practical, and safe feedback while walking with you through your personal challenges.

  • If you feel stuck in a certain area of your life or ministry
  • If you feel stuck in an area pertaining to your personal ministry.
  • If you need help in a certain area of ministry-skill, i.e. counseling, preaching, administrating, goal-setting, etc.
  • If you are considering transitioning out of ministry or to another church.
  • If you are a new church planter.
  • If you are faced with a crisis, either personal or professional.
  • If you are preparing to select your first board.
  • If you want to better your preaching skills.

Church Consulting

Consulting for Church health onsite or from a distance. Designed to encourage your congregation and leadership.

Reasons why a church might bring in a consultant:

  • When they feel stuck.
  • When considering a new direction.
  • When they need a fresh set of eyes.
  • When considering their first hire.
  • When considering their first church plant.
  • If momentum or morale is bad.
  • When they are in decline.
  • When they have plateaued.
  • When nothing seems to be working.
  • If there is a need for someone to mediate conflict.
  • When bringing in a new pastor.
  • When determining the pay-package for their pastor or 
    staff member.
  • If they are a new church plant.
  • When faced with a crisis.
  • When wanting to do a church diagnostic test.
  • When considering getting their first building.
  • When the leadership feels they’re running out of ideas.
  • When preparing to set new goals for the up-coming year.
  • When faced with the likelihood of needing to fire or lay-off someone.
  • When they have a mutiny on their hands.