Revival Thoughts – Number 5

In the spring of 1993 my family was on the way home from a revival week that had ended on Sunday night.  I remember laying down in the seat as we neared home I remember my thoughts vividly.  I remember thinking that I wanted a voice like my grandfather when he preached.  It could fill the room without any amplification.  I then felt a difference between him and myself.  He was a preacher, a true blue Christ and I knew that I was not like him.  I was raised in a Christian home but I felt something lacking in myself.  So at the age of eight I placed my faith in Christ and have never looked back.  I’ve made my share of mistakes but the Lord has kept me from a lot of heartache and pain.

    What’s your Jesus’ story?  Jarred has a Subway story.  He isn’t paid to know how to make the subs or to grow the plants or all the positions in the company.  He is only asked to share what Subway has done for him.  You are not expected to know every theological statement and have every scripture memorized.  Your just asked to share you Jesus story.  Where were you before you met Him.  What happened when you came to faith and soon after?  What is happening with you now?
   This is an attempt at a song I used to do as a child.  It used to be recorded by the Lauren Talley as a child and I can only remember parts.  In the end I think you get the idea.  You do not know have to know how to explain how God can take the darkest soul full of sin and apply the blood of Christ that was shed and make it whiter than snow.  All you need to do is now your Jesus story and be sure to share it.
What makes popcorn pop?
Or a black cow give white milk and yellow butter?
Jesus made the corn and the cow, and though I don’t understand the how.
I enjoy buttered popcorn just the same.
How can a mommy and daddy be born again?
Nicodemus came by night to ask the Lord about it.
And though Jesus answered he really didn’t get it.
You can change the outside
but only He can change the inside
To be born again.
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