Life Changes Fast

In an instant Mary’s world changed.  At the words of the angel, “thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son,”(Luke 1:31) her world was forever changed.  The pronouncement of Christ’s first coming is so powerful that it has forever impacted the world.  For a while it was only the immediate persons involved, then communities, countries, and now the world.  Jesus forever changed the course of history.

How quickly has your life changed?  Perhaps it was when someone “popped the question.”  Sadly, it may have been a discouraging phone call.  An accident of some sorts.  A visit to the doctor.  The fact of life is that things change.  Thankfully, God stays the same.  “For I am the Lord, I change not.” (Malachi 3:6).  Who He is and what He does remains constant. Yet, even when He does something over and over, our situation changes.  A phrase I use constantly is “When God speaks, things happen.” We can be sure that because God never changes, whenever He speaks into our life and situations, things change.

Now, how about the biggest change that must take place in your life?  The rerouting of your present life and your eternal destiny.  God can change that.  In an instant.  He can help you turn from your sin and eternal destiny of torment in Hell.  He is drawing you now toward Him.  His grace gives you the strength to turn from those things and turn towards Him.  The decision to follow Him can be made now.  Let Him speak new life into you.  Let Him pronounce you forgiven.  Let Him say, “You have now been adopted into my family.”  Will you let Him make that change in you?

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