The Second Mile

Last evening, I preached on being a second mile Christian. The text is found in Matthew 5:38-48. It is a small part of the Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In this passage, Jesus is encouraging believers to go above and beyond in a loving reaction to evil actions from others toward them.  We are to react in love towards all things.  Something tough to do at times.  Almost before the service was finished, a gentleman in the congregation was approaching me with a broad grin on his face.  He said to me, “It is neat that you preached on this tonight.  It happened to me today at work.”

He proceeded to share with me that a non-believing coworker had been trying to agitate him all day.  This colleague would walk past this church member and cuss with a loud voice.  It happened several times through the day.  The member said that they wanted to tell them to be quiet and how frustrating it was to them.  Instead, he decided to remain silent because he felt the Lord impressing him not to say anything.  As the day went on, the church member felt God telling them

As the day went on, the church member felt God telling them to take up the trash from his coworker’s work area.  He did that, and the coworker stopped him and asked him what he was doing.  The member explained and said he just wanted to help them out a little today, and it seemed to shock their coworker.  A few minutes later the colleague came and apologized to this man for his language and attitude during the day.

Have you gone the second mile with someone?  Or, have you been the recipient of someone going the second mile for you?  The first mile is responsibility and life.  Those things beyond our control.  The second mile is love and in our control.  These are the opportunities that are given to us every day to show someone the love of Christ.

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