Titus 2:5-9

The Pastor

Titus 1:5-9

N.T. Wright and the bad plane experience – “When the pilot can’t figure out what’s going on, the whole plane is in trouble.”

Why a sermon on pastors?  -You, the church, problems, application,

What is a pastor? (vs. 5 & 7a.)

  • Paul is leaving a blueprint, the same the church has used for 2,000 years, to select pastoral leadership in the local congregations.
  • Elder – bearded one, bishop – overseer, Pastor (Jer. 17:16) – to tend a flock, shepherd.
  • Scripture does not point out how one is selected, only the character.

Blameless – Unquestioned integrity – lifestyle and reputation no reproach.

The Pastor’s Home (vs. 6)

  • Known for their home life. – Faithfulness to one wife for a lifetime and raises faithful children.

The Pastor’s Role (vs. 7)

  • Steward of God – not for self, not angry, no alcohol, not violent or greedy.

The Pastor’s Pursuits (vs. 8)

  • Hospitality, good men, clear minded, just, holy, disciplined.

The Pastor’s Work (vs. 9)

  • When you have a firm grip on the truth you can – encourage others by sound doctrine.
  • When you have a firm grip on the truth you can – refute those who oppose it.
    • When people oppose healthy teaching, as, alas, some will always do, there is a temptation to avoid confrontation, to back off and hope they will go away.  They won’t. The leader – this is a particular function of elders and bishops, and one which doesn’t normally gain them popularity – must know how to rebut false teaching.

Pray that God would raise up Godly pastors in our Conference.

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