4 thoughts on “Episode 1: Steward Leadership and Paul

  1. Brother Kamer,
    Glad to see you doing a podcast! Just downloaded this initial episode and I look forward to what you have to say, but where’d you come up with that intro music bed? Would/could you please consider changing it to something more conservative? In all the years I’ve listened to your messages and read your blog (both off and on I must admit), I thought the opening music of the Podcast came out of left field.


      1. Conservative IMHO, would be something along the lines of an instrumental of a hymn or spiritual song from the hymnal. This would be ideal, especially since you are reaching out to Christians, desiring to help our ministries and ultimately, strengthen our relationship/fellowship with God. Here are three examples, from different radio broadcasts.




        Conservative is not IMHO, something with wild sounding guitars/drums, which is all I hear on your present music bed. Hope this proves helpful, love and praying for y’all!


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