Incarnation and Identification

Over the next few weeks, I will add my preaching notes for the Advent series at CFCB.  We are taking a deeper look into the incarnation.  On the first Sunday of Advent, we looked at the incarnation and how God helps us through identification with us.  These will be pretty bare-bones outlines.  However, I will add a little bit more commentary than what I use when I preach.

  • Advent and Incarnation bring a time of blessing and excitement to us.
  • Significance of the incarnation (enfleshment).
    • It is more than a time of celebrating the birth of Christ.
    • It is the awareness of what Christ did for us in His first coming.
  • Incarnation is significant because God identifies with us.
    • It is a point of uniqueness among other religions.
    • God became human
      • Physically human- as a baby process and with physical needs and limits.
      • Culturally human – language, dress, food, history, etc.
      • Human politics – a time of extremely corrupt governance
      • Born into our world and under our circumstances.
    • God has spoken to us (Heb. 1:2) and listened to us (Heb. 4:15-16).
      • This high priest understands us and because we know he understands us we can come boldly to His throne for help.
      • Heb. 2:8
      • Is. 53:3
    • God is helping us.
      • Isaiah 7:14
      • Matthew 1:22-23
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