Lessons Learned in 2019

I have decided to start recording lessons and takeaways throughout the year.


  • Social media has its benefits. But, it is also a place you have to be very careful. You will find debates galore. However, what I have seen this year (not personal but observation of others) was the intense hatred, deception, and wickedness in individuals. There are some who will simply want to argue and find ways to attack your livelihood and family. It was painful to see happen and thankfully it was something with an immediate remedy. But, it could of went horrible very quickly.
  • We have heard it said that people don’t care how much you know, only how much you care at the beginning of the ministry. Which, is in part true. However, I have also seen that if you have the charisma to charm or a high appearance of spirituality, a wolf in sheep’s clothing can deceive the elect.
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast.  In the past few years, my focus in ministry has changed from strategies that focus on organization and programs to those things which can affect culture.  Culture eats strategy for breakfast is attributed to Peter Drucker.  If your strategy does not align with the culture of your organization, then it won’t go very far.  This is no different in the church.


  • It is easy to get completely stopped in your studies when you begin to slack. Picking up the pace and motivation again is difficult.
  • Sacrifice after the sacrifice has to be made the further you go.  Maintaining a balance is very difficult.  Typically something is going to have to give in order to finish strong.
  • Narrowing your scope of the study is very important in research.  I started my dissertation in one direction and after talks with my committee chair and other members, the topic is still similar but the focus has been narrowed.  

Family & Self

  • Self-care is important.  However, you can focus on self-care so much that you neglect to care for family and service.   
  • Be ready for surprises.  We are now expecting our fourth child.  Surprised and blessed!
  • Disney is an amazing place to go and it has been a great place for relaxation for us.  I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy getting to go.  My wife is finally rubbing off on me.
  • Packing early for Church camp really feels good. However, it gives me more time to forget what I packed. Meaning I will keep thinking of things, checking, adding to the luggage, and overpacking.
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