Bible Study

Salvation Possible

Today, because of traveling for school, I had the privilege of attending the College Wesleyan Church.  It was a great experience.  While listening to the sermon, I found myself thinking about the surrounding context of the kingdom parable the minister… Read More ›

Whose Mail?

It is important to understand that the whole of Scripture belongs to all people.  It was given to all the people groups at any time.  The Old Testament is specifically addressed to the people of Israel and the New Testament… Read More ›

Strategy for Change

Strategic planning is a place some will not venture.  In the Church, it is the pseudo-spiritual that see no basis for the practice of the organization.  Addressing the Church’s unique ministry context is required for Church leaders.  Proverbs 19:21 states,… Read More ›

Faith for Change

In the Gospel according to Mark, Jesus utters four words that are incredibly powerful.  He says, “Have faith in God” (11:22).  He proceeds to talk to them about having faith to move mountains and about the disciple’s prayer life.  In… Read More ›

A Burden for Change

Change is a necessity but rarely is it readily accepted.  Innovation, flexibility, and growth all require changes to take place at personal and organizational levels.  How does this happen?   Specifically, how does this happen in churches?  Might I suggest… Read More ›