Implications of the Incarnation

This is the second outline for the preaching series, “Deeper Dive into the Incarnation.” First Week – Incarnation and Identification Implications of the Incarnation – Phil. 2:5, 6-8 Last week – Incarnation as identification Paul teaches us to have the same mind as Christ. He then goes on to show us the downward descent of ChristContinue reading “Implications of the Incarnation”

Incarnation and Identification

Over the next few weeks, I will add my preaching notes for the Advent series at CFCB.  We are taking a deeper look into the incarnation.  On the first Sunday of Advent, we looked at the incarnation and how God helps us through identification with us.  These will be pretty bare-bones outlines.  However, I willContinue reading “Incarnation and Identification”

The Ohio Valley Association of Christian Baptist Churches of God (Documentary)

Over the past couple of months, I have been working with others to produce a documentary on the history of our denomination.  We saw this as a necessity as many of those with memories of our founding is no longer with us, or are passing away.  We had a great live viewing at our headquartersContinue reading “The Ohio Valley Association of Christian Baptist Churches of God (Documentary)”

Lifetime Character Goals

An exercise I like to use in cultivating a leader’s character involves reflection and discussion of John Wesley’s Twelve Rules for Helpers.  I believe there are many salient points for us in ministry today.  Take a moment to reflect through these items and then use the following mini-professional development plan to develop some key areasContinue reading “Lifetime Character Goals”