Biblical Conflict Management: 10 Principles

Given the number of variables two people bring to the table it is easy to see why conflict happens.  Not all conflict is bad as it can bring out healthy conclusion.  Ultimately, all conflict can be used to glorify God, serve others, and help us become more like Christ.  I consulted with Randy Kamer (myContinue reading “Biblical Conflict Management: 10 Principles”

Question: Where was Jesus when He cleansed the temple?

Question: Where was Jesus at when He cleansed the temple? I was recently asked this questions and I thought I would share my answer.   We will take Matthew 21:12-15 as our key text for study.  We do know that he cleansed the temple twice in his ministry, towards the beginning and the end (hereContinue reading “Question: Where was Jesus when He cleansed the temple?”