Scripture Reading Challenge (#10)

God can transform people.  We are about to see that take place in the life of Jacob.  After many years away from his family, Jacob is about to return home a changed man.  He now has a family and many possessions.  He fears, however, for his life and is willing to sacrifice all of it to save his own skin.  But, then He reencounters God.  Jacob remembers his oath and how God has been faithful.  He comes face-to-face with God, and it changes him forever.

Read Genesis 32:1-33:20

Do you remember when you first came to faith in Jesus Christ?  I can.  In 1993, our family was on our way home from Sunday night service at Church.  My grandfather was the pastor of our local congregation.  I remember thinking about how his voice echoed in the sanctuary and how unique it sounded compared to others.  I wanted to have a voice like and a thought hit me on the way home.  There was a significant difference between me and my grandfather.  He was a saved, and I wasn’t.  I was convicted in my heart and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my life.  At the age of eight years old, I came to Jesus Christ in faith.   I remember my mother asking me what I was doing, and I replied, “Talking to Jesus.”

Now, have I always walked since then in unbroken fellowship with my Lord?  Sadly, no.  I have strayed and not lived faithfully.  But, God is always faithful.  Through His faithfulness, I can say that through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, I have been kept from many regrets and pains in life.  God helped me make good decisions and make less and less bad decisions.  Like Jacob, God transformed my life.  How has God turned your life around?  What differences have you noticed in your life since Jesus saved you?

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